Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Abortion: "Event" or "Non Event"?

There is no other topic that brings so much weight and even makes people uncomfortable as topic of abortion. No matter on what side of the issue you personally are, some one who promotes abortion or some one who opposes it fiercely, abortion in no way can be qualified as nonevent.

Abortion: Cutting your finger while chopping greens as you cook can be qualified as a "nonevent". After your finger is healed, which if you are a healthy individual should not take more that just few days, you may find it even difficult to remember what finger was cut. Maybe just a scar may remind of the accident, and even then you may not be sure since you may have cut your fingers while chopping green countless times in the past. Most important, cutting your finger will rarely move you to become an advocate or an opponent of knife manufacturer.

It is never like that with abortion. Any one who had been affected by, or participated in abortion become deeply affected by the event. They either become advocates of abortion, opponents of it, or sometimes quiet sufferers, and the number of people that had not been affected is marginal.

One thing is particularly clear, no matter how you have been affected by abortion, its aftermath can last for years and it takes much courage if you choose the path of healing. This path will take you on an incredible journey of rediscovering God and his love for you all over again.

One of the most common feeling that women feel in the abortion aftermath is being along and abandoned. The truth is that you are not along, God is with you. There are also many man and women who have walked your path and are willing to share with you and be your companion on the path of healing.

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