Tuesday, April 3, 2012

what i wore this week {doppelganger edition}

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You’ve heard every girl needs a little black dress…

I might have to disagree. I think every girl needs a little green dress!  :D

I found this vintage French little lovely at Goodwill for $6! I floated into the dressing room, hoping and praying it would fit…


And it did. It did!! Whoop!! It’s like it was made for me! {just somewhere in France, decades ago…} I was so excited.

Does it ever feel like God just gave you a little gift when you find something you absolutely love for a ridiculous price? That’s what I felt like when I saw it. :)


The shoes are patent leather from White House Black Market, and the sweater was $3 at Old Navy.

The total cost of this outfit?


The thrift store wins again! :)


Okay, so strangely enough, lately I’ve had at least three different people tell me I look like Victoria from Twilight. I don’t know if I should be offended by the notion that I resemble an evil vampire character from a terrible movie? :P

{okay, I’m so not…she’s a pretty villain!}

Here’s a pic {this is Bryce Dallas Howard in real life}:


I’m starting to see it here- it’s actually a little scary how white my skin is…


But I really liked the outfit! :D {I hope it wasn’t screaming evil vampire too…}


The jacket was free from a clothes swap {thanks, Lindsay!} and the AE jeans were from way back {$28 ish?} and the top is A&F clearance- $9. The scarf was Valentine’s gift from the hubs from Target. :D

And speaking of on-screen twinkies, I can’t remember how many people have told me lately that I look like this girl from a new Disney movie. Somewhere around the third or fourth time I heard it, I just had to go look it up.

I laughed out loud when I saw this:


We totally have the same crazy hair and blue eyes! {I had to show the kids that one! :D}

Having crazy big red hair is fun… you never know if you’ll be told you look like a vampire or a Disney princess… :)

Have you ever had anyone tell you you look just like someone?

I want to hear! And see pics too… hehehee :P


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