Wednesday, June 20, 2012

always kiss me good morning {printable}

My "be" goal for this month is to be more affectionate- specifically, to kiss my husband and each of my babies every morning before breakfast. 

I never thought I'd love a new goal so much. Just the simple act of kissing them good morning makes my heart and theirs a little closer through the day.

And even more than that, it reminds me that these little ones won't always be here to kiss good morning.

And that alone makes me want to squeeze them a little tighter all day long. :)

Sweet babies.

You've heard "always kiss me good night"... 

well, now I have a new motto to help me remember my "be" goal:

pin it

And I made you a printable so you can remember too . :)

I'm leaving mine in the kitchen so I remember to kiss my sweet ones before breakfast. :)

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