Monday, June 25, 2012

monday happenings at our house + a new Craigslist find

Okay, so I'm completely thrilled with my new Craigslist find today. I really should wait until Thursday to share, but I'm too excited to be the proud new owner of this sweet little 8-foot vintage gem:

I can't wait to share more of the story {and how much I paid for it!!!} on thrifty thursday! It's ridiculously exciting. For me, anyway! ;)

Since the sofa purchase changed the course of our day, I thought I'd share what our crazy Monday has looked like for us so far... :)

7:55 wake up
 {about 1-1.5 hours later than normal- I drank too much tea last night and was up until 3. And then had terrible, terrible dreams where I actually died twice! No more late night tea for me. sheesh.}
devo + coffee time
breakfast for the family.
call man about craigslist sofa
get dressed
go to the atm
go pick up sofa
go back to pick up other item the seller offered to us for free
bank run
one quick Dillard's stop for clearance sandals
lunch with the hubs and visit with my dad
Sam's for groceries 
{the lady who checked my purchase at the door said, "girl, you're in here all the time!" To which I replied, oh yeah, we pretty much live here. :P We only buy our groceries at Sam's these days! You know it's bad when the door checker knows you've been in three times this week...}

Make a cookie cake for a friend {Sam's pre-made cookie dough, homemade icing}
vacuum carpet and pick up living room to move new couch
make children clean up their messes
have them rest on the couch for naps
pick up dirty clothes in the bathroom and around the house
put baked potatoes in the oven for tonight
discipline 3 year old and 4 year old for getting up
blog while listening to music for tonight's fitness class
answer Facebook comments

and next: warm up a cup of coffee from this morning and get ready to teach BODYCOMBAT this afternoon at the gym.

Then Lord-willing, I'll come home, do laundry, make dinner, sweep the floors, and get ready for bed. That's the plan, anyway! Maybe I'll squeeze a few other things in there. We'll see! :P

I haven't been able to do 12 hour challenge in the last couple of weeks since life has been so crazy, but since I haven't been at home or in a routine, the internet use has been much more sporadic, so I have been on off and on through the day. I haven't been able to keep a regular schedule here at the house, but I'll be thrilled when I can do it again. Maybe tomorrow!

I miss it. For real. Excitement is fun, but routines are sweet. :D

What did your Monday look like?

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