Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{what i wore this week} in the navy edition

wondering what this series is about? read here to find out more… :)

Okay, so did you know the Village People sang a song called In the Navy?

Whatever you do, don't google it. 

Unless you want an extremely unforgettable song stuck in your head for approximately the next 17 years.

{not to mention your retinas forever imprinted with the image of grown men in full costume dancing on a Navy ship...}

Don't do it.

{my eyes are still burning!!!!}

What was it again? Ahh, clothes- yes.

Um, so yeah, navy was my color of the week!

I bought this ruffly navy polka-dot shirt as a maybe for the hubs for a special date, he decided against it and then I totally forgot to return it! I found it in the back of our Tahoe only 60 days later. Ouch. And I'm usually very good about returning items! sheesh.

I paid $19 for it originally at the Loft, and when I tried to return it, the cashier offered me a whole $4.88.

I kindly replied, "oh, well then, I'll keep it, thank you..."

So...according to my mathematical brilliance, my shirt was a steal.

It only cost $4.88!

Right, honey...?

I'll just have to distract him with my smile, and my fun gold feather earrings that were new at Goodwill for $2...

and the trousers were his new favorite- Anoname for only $7 at GW... that should help. :D

I kid, I kid. He really doesn't mind at all what I buy. Though he does give me his opinion about clothing I wear every now and again... and again... :D 

But he knows the stores I love. He bought me an American Eagle gift card for Christmas, and somehow I stretched it to last until May! 

I scored this little striped number with the card for around $20 {money is so much easier to spend on a card!}. I'm a sucker for navy stripes and dresses! :D

I paired it with my vintage shoes, $5, a vintage fossil watch, $2, and the fossil weekender bag {fossil...wouldn't you love to sponsor me? Maybe? hmmm...}


and minus the shoes {payless, $11}, I'm back to the thrift store again:

The striped green button up was Old Navy, $3, and the skirt was a brand new Goodwill find from Ann Taylor Loft, brand new for $4 and I quick-tailored it to fit me! :D 

Remember it?

Ah, the thrift store is fun.

It actually might be a toss-up- getting gift cards to retail places might be more fun than buying your own stuff... ;)

But you know what else is really fun?


One day, we get to discuss the Gospel and the Bible, and the next day, clothes, thrift stores, and quick-tailoring, and the next day, food. 

 Clothes and food don't matter at all in the long run {as long as you're not going naked or hungry, anyway...} but they are enjoyable to talk about sometimes! :D

We are so blessed! :D

Clothes to wear, food to eat. The Bible to read!

Isn't it good to be alive today? Praise God! :)

It's a beautiful Wednesday.

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