Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what i wore this week {trends: what works for me + what doesn't}

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Okay, so I'm a huge fan of the color blocking trend. 

Especially when it comes in my favorite colors: blue, green, and gray like this Target top:

I paired it with my Lauren Conrad thrifted crops, $6, and my very old Target flats {$9-ish I think? prices are starting to fade out of my memory banks!}.

I was doing a little online browsing to possibly replace the not-so-favorite maxi dress I told you about last week. I loved it, but he didn't. {though he did tell me he didn't hate it after I posted- that's a plus!}

But I have good news: I found this maxi dress at the Gap, and I love it too:

I think it's perfect, don't you?! I'm not a huge cap sleeve fan, but you know I LOVE blue.

This would be one of those you have to try on in real life, though. Knit isn't always a girl's friend {if you know what I mean...}! It's pretty expensive too, so it would be need on clearance for my budget.

Even though it's pricey, I love the Gap. It's a great place to find fairly well-made clothes that are good for a 29-year-old mama of four. Well, most of the time, anyway. ;)

While I was browsing around, I definitely spotted a few trends I know I could never pull off...

 {never say never, I know... I'll probably be trying to wear them all next year...hahaha!}

like the:

{maybe it was made for very narrow, very tall people? My shorter hourglass shape would make this a  hilarious outfit on me!}

and then there was the chunky space dye sweater...

{yes, that is the actual name! eek! 
Retailers, please don't call anything chunky, okay? It's bound to become a self-fulfilling prophecy!}

This would not work for me, for sure:

And seeing this embroidered, southwest plaid flashback from the 80's makes me think recycled trends might be better left to those who haven't seen them the first time around... :D

I would probably look like I was wearing the original if I tried it:

Now it's safe to say I don't remember this style from the first time around, but even after a couple of years I'm still not feeling the romper trend. Maybe it's my long torso, but the romper makes me look very, very strange. And pregnant. And very short. 

I may not have had this romper, but I did have the denim short-alls...
Ah, but the chambray fabric.... now that is working for their skirts....

I just love this vintage style patterned chambray skirt:

And maybe, just maybe, the current neon trend might be okay on a larger scale, even if I did see it the first time {remember those neon scrunchy socks???}, as long as it's muted a little on the bottom like these neon shorts:

Oh, the scrunchy socks, the high bangs, and the rolled up shorts...

Okay, I'm officially feeling old. :)

Probably more than anything, it's because 3 out of 4 of my children are at Vacation Bible School this week. Now that's a weird feeling. And I remembered today that my 3rd child {third!} starts kindergarten this fall.

It's so weird to see them grow up so fast. In fact, it's still weird to think I'm a grown up. :)

I wonder if they will remember this decade of the "teens" like I remember the 90's?

And, more importantly...

 will they always remember their mom wore neon shorts??


What trend do you remember most growing up? Do you have any trend regrets? {and better yet, any pictures to show us? do share! hahah!}

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