Monday, July 30, 2012

{bh} web round-up and news

I hinted at it last week... I've got some exciting news coming here on the blog!

Many of you have mentioned that you wish you had thrift stores in your area- well, if the Lord wills, I'll be bringing the thrift store to you this week! :D eeeekk!!!

This Thursday I'll be launching a little online store called Mandy's Closet, where I'll be passing along my thrift store deals to you!

mandy's closet

I'm crazy excited! :D Each item is unique and like the thrift store when the goods are gone, they are gone! But that's the fun part, right? You never know what you'll find! {okay, except bright colors and fun patterns! :D}

Oh, and speaking of bright colors, last week I shared three ways to wear the lovely color-blocking trend without breaking the bank over at RooMag!

I'm working this week to finishing listing lots of inventory in my shop, so get ready to do some thrifting on Thursday! :D

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