Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what i wore this week {clothing comfort zones}

Okay, is your summer going by in a blur like mine?


I'm getting dressed, but before I can look up it's time to change and go to the gym. 

And after the gym in the evening, I {shower} and go straight to the comfy clothes. :D

Luckily I have managed to catch a few pics before it was that time of day! ;)

So I finally found a great pair of replacement wedges for my worn-out ones. They were Lucky Brand, and they were real leather, and $29 on clearance. If they last me like the last pair did, I'll pay like $12 a year for super comfortable shoes that I wear all the time.

And I must be getting old, because in my shoe search, the comfort factor held almost as much weight as the cuteness factor. Sheesh. Watch out, next year, I'll be wearing Dr. Scholl's.  :)

This outfit was entirely retail, though I did have a dress a lot like this one before that was thrifted. It was really too big, and so I knew I loved the style so when I found one in my size for a few more dollars at American Eagle, I brought it home. {and you'll be seeing my old favorite version very soon! ahem.}

I'm probably so weird because I love to wear the same style of clothes. I buy something I love that goes with all my clothes and wear it over and over again, usually until it wears out! {belts, solid dresses, wedges, bracelets, etc.}. I get in this clothing comfort zone or something.

I did find a new scarf last month that has been livening up all my favorite outfits:

I've been working on consolidating my closet since last week- trying to take out what I don't wear.

Strangely enough, I had this shirt in my closet for almost a year before I wore it:

 It's out of my usual color palette {ahaha! I have a color scheme!}, but I wore it last week and got so many compliments on it. So funny! I  have no idea why I never wore it before. I got it on final sale for $12 at a store going out of business.

I'd say neutrals are definitely out of my comfort zone with fair skin and red hair, but every now and then I try to step out and try new things!

I wore this to go on our date in Allen. :D

 So that the shirt and jeans {the same ones in the previous outfit too} combo above cost me $19 together. 

I tried this outfit on for fun at Anthro while we were browsing, and I realized it looked very similar to what I was wearing already! {The shirt was a little fancier, with gold threads running through it.}

The price? $188 together. Yep. My original outfit was brand new retail- not thrifted- and was still only 10% of that price! {the gold threads must have actually been made of gold, right? haha!}

Now I'm not against buying high quality clothes {especially nice jeans!} that fit you well and you can wear over and over again. But seeing the difference, and putting my $18 outfit back on and liking it better made me realize again that price or quality isn't really a measure of how good something looks on you.

Retail, clearance, thrifted, etc., it doesn't matter- if you don't like the way it fits you- you won't wear it.  {It's taken me a few years to learn that one! :D}

Are you the same way? Do you find yourself getting into a clothing comfort zone?
It's a good thing sometimes, isn't it? {You actually get your money out of your clothes! haha! :D}

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