Friday, August 24, 2012

friday news + links

This has been quite the week!

Our power was down for several hours on Tuesday due to a tree limb randomly falling. I’m so thankful for a sweet husband who stayed up late and got up early to be here for the electrician, the electric company, and the inspector to come {which definitely wasn’t cheap- $800 disappeared from our bank account because of a single fallen limb…yikes!}. Our plans kept changing again and again, and we all had a great lesson in going with the flow! :)

I’m getting everything ready for the Mamas Write Conference tomorrow morning- if you think of it, will you pray for me? I’m really, really excited! My topic is “Balancing the Many Ministries of a Writing Mama”… something God is continually teaching me {see paragraph above! ha!} :D I love how He gives you a chance to put what He’s teaching you to work. He’s so cool like that!

I also wanted to share a few links for your weekend reading pleasure:

  • Dawn from Before His Throne shared this awesome story of how the Holy Spirit guided her parenting to center on the Gospel this week! My heart is so excited reading of His goodness at work in little ones! It’s so beautiful to see! He guides us in our weakness, and shows us His strength.
  • Speaking of weakness, I love this article: motherhood is for the weak from une bonne vie:

So, motherhood is not for the strong and able-bodied. It is not for the one who has it all together. It is for the weak. It is for the weary. It is for the mamas who feel they have reached their end…

  • And my favorite pin of the week really makes me think {I also shared it over on our facebook page!}:

What are some of your favorite links this week?

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