Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what i wore this week {my favorite stores edition}

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I don't know about you, but for me, busyness trumps wardrobe this summer! Our local Goodwill has not seen me in a while, thanks to some very busy weeks at our house. {I wonder if they'll remember me when I get back?}

My favorite retail stores do get a quick run in now and then, though, so today I thought I'd share outfits from my fave retail places! :D 

1. Target and the Gap Outlet 

Target never fails to have cute colored pants and shorts! And the Gap Outlet is definitely my favorite place to shop for tops that will last.

I bought the triangle top for $10 at the Gap Outlet, and the shorts were from Target for $12. The sandals were $12 from my next favorite place to find cute stuff...

2. Marshall's

I bought this dress for our special 10th anniversary dinner for $20 at Marshall's. The shoes were a vintage Goodwill find for $5!

I was so excited to find the dress! It was at least one size too big, but I really liked the lace panels, and I was majorly pressed for time. With four kids in tow, dress shopping just isn't the same as it used to be! :) I may have to do some self-tailoring on it when I get a chance. :)

3. Ross

I got this floral top at Ross a year or two ago for $8, and the shorts were $10 from the A&F outlet 3 years ago. The satin headband is Goody from Target last year. I love the vintage twist! :D

Those are my top four retail stores for sure! And, I would definitely add American Eagle to that list to round out my top five places to find great deals on cute clothing. :)

What are your favorite retail stores?

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