Friday, October 5, 2012

5:55 a.m. {a challenge to rise early}

I woke up this morning to a crying 3-year-old {for the second time this week}.

I'm so not a huge fan of being woken up by someone else. Even someone with this cute little face:

:) though I do love that smile. {3-year-olds are so much fun when they aren't crying!}

Last week I woke up really early every day as part of my goals for the week, and I loved it.

I wasn't even sleepy- I could get up without a problem because {here's the catch} I went to bed really early.

If I'm in bed by 10, I'm up before 6. My body doesn't like to sleep much longer than that {it's one great benefit of getting older!}.

But this week I stayed up late again, and I was less than productive in my late hours. And naturally, it has affected my mornings too. The girls were waking me up some days, and some days I had five whole minutes before I had to wake them up.

Bad. Very bad, for this momma who needs lots of coffee and alone time in the morning.

Since the older kids started going to school three days a week, I've been missing my long early times with God more than anything. It makes me sad to only get a few minutes to read in the morning. :(

I really want to change that {Lord-willing}, so I'm challenging myself to get up before 5:55 every day for a week. :)

Just one week. That's doable, right? :)

I really want to make it a habit for good, but I also want my night-owl hubby to be happy with my schedule too, so I'm just trying it for a week again to see if he's okay with it. :)

I've been too scared to try it before, but the time has now come. :) The benefits of rising early far outweigh the negatives these days.

Wanna do it with me? Just for a week?  We'll check in here next Friday and see how we did! ;)

I'm so excited! I'm going to bed early tonight! :D

Eventually, maybe I'll be able to call myself a #hellomornings girl! :) wohoo!!

Let me know if you're joining me in the comments! {we can do it together!!} You can pick what time works for you and your family of course. I just liked 5:55. :D {and it sounded much better than 4:44!}

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