Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what I wore {for the last several weeks. ahem.}

wondering what this series is about? read here to find out more… :)

October was the busiest month of our year: hotel stays, and then birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays, plus a little {big} trip to Allume. And we fit a kitchen renovation in there somewhere! My poor husband. :D I love him. He’s a superhero.

With all the events, I wore lots of outfits {thankfully, considering it was like an entire month or something}, some new birthday clothes, and of course, I mixed some of the old as well! And our weather was all over the place here- hot one day, and cold the next. Crazy Texas. :)

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from the past few weeks:

1. birthday dinner date.


{lace top: $9/ lace skirt: Target, $15/ t-straps: Steve Madden, GW, $5/ jacket: eBay/ Banana Republic}

Do you like it with the jacket or without? I don’t know which I prefer… {It’s like the {bh} version of “who wore it best?” Don’t answer that though…hmmm…that could go very wrong! That’s actually a very scary thought! ha!}

2. Mexican food birthday lunch. {Elijah’s birthday choice with his Granna in town. ;)}


{jeans: birthday, AE/ top: Old Navy, $6 clearance/ shoes: Gap, $20/necklace: Target, $10}


3. Casual weekend getaway. {Yes, I’m still wearing a headband. But I changed it up- I moved it down 1/8 of an inch. That counts as different right?… Right? heheh.}


{jeans: miss me, Irene bootcut, eBay/scarf: J. Crew/sweater: Crewcuts, $14/ lace top: target $10/shoes: Lucky brand wedges: $28}

4. Birthday shopping day. I tried to pick out something fun and different to shop around Dallas in… shhh, don’t tell Anthro I wore a $9 Wal-mart maxi and a free jacket from a clothes swap to their store… ;) more on that later!


4. Conference attendee. This one was at Allume, courtesy of my roomie, Amy!


{top: Marshalls, $13/ jeans, old AE/ necklace: the vintage pearl/ wedges: Lucky}

I thought she looked adorable, so I took her wiww picture too :D Isn’t she too cute?


And one more from Allume {thank you to Brittany!}:

Image 9

5. woman about to eat…a random shot right before our mini-getaway:IMG_3544

{jeans, Miss Me Irene’s/ sweater: Gap, $20 last year/ top: Old Navy, $6/ necklace $1.99, GW}

I actually have no idea what this picture was about. Perhaps I was subconsciously motioning to the size my hips were about to be after I ate three slices of cake on my birthday. ha! :D {my husband bought me three cakes! carrot, chocolate, and coconut. All insanely good. Oh, I do like me some cake. I believe there will be cake in heaven.}

Are you a cake girl, or more of an ice cream or pie girl? {and if you say “I don’t like sugar,” I might have to seriously avoid coveting. Just saying. Help a sister out here. I know you like something! :)}

I used to be a carrot cake kind of girl, but it might be changing to chocolate cake I think… or more likely italian crème cake {yum.}! Just for fun, you can take the meme /test to find out what your favorite dessert says about you. ;)

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