Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 ways to wear black skinnies + 1 very important fashion rule {what i wore this week}

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You might notice I believe in a lot of things. 

I have a lot of convictions, and many of them get me pretty fired up... like this one:

I firmly believe that all denim should have some weight to it.

And any fabric that merely replicates denim should not be worn. {cough...old navy colored skinnies...cough} :D

Okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far. 

It's more like that fabric shouldn't be worn by me. ;)

I can't do twill skinnies. It's ugly, no matter how many times I try. I tried on all kinds of those impostor skinny "jeans" in search of the perfect pair of cheap black denim skinnies, only to be horrified again and again. It was bad.

And then American Eagle came to the rescue.  

While the some of their women's clothing, like so many other stores these days, might be a bit questionable {hmmm...is that a dress... or a skirt... or a shirt...or a sports bra??? I'm so confused!}, it's fairly easy to navigate through the plethora of clothing choices as long as you follow this easy and very important fashion rule from Tim Gunn:

source from pinterest
Phew. Thank you, TG. That one's a keeper. ;)

So back to the skinny jeans...apparently, AE is the only store that actually carries real black denim skinny jeans. Well, that I could try on in East Texas, anyway.

After many failed attempts to find a cheaper pair, I finally bit the bullet, and paid $33 of my birthday money for my jeans.

I showed them to you a few weeks back:

And I've been steadily wearing them since. Strangely enough, I don't find them to be my most flattering pair of jeans, but they are super comfy and go with everything...possibly even more than my regular blue ones do.

You can wear them with a Goodwill sweater {$6} in a freezing Texas wind/rain storm: 

and then realize you're more than slightly underdressed and move inside as the leaves cover your floor and your children dart by like flashes of lightning:

You can even wear them with hair that desperately needs to be washed and a very fun distracting bow-tie shirt that tries to make up for your bad hair day:

Not bad for a $10 Gap top. See, you don't even notice the hair here...

Or the fab AE pants. Hmmm...

At least this top is less distracting... in fact, right away you see the terrible I'm-being-lazy-on-my-vacation hair, then immediately avoid all eye contact with the bun-wearer, quickly averting your eyes down toward the fun, neutral AE pants...

 here with my Marshall's top and my old $50 Target boots
And thankfully, the skinny jeans save your burning eyes...

Well done, skinnies. Well done.

I'm telling you, a great pair of black skinny jeans will go with EVERYTHING. And even better than that, if you buy a pair, you'll never have to worry about doing your hair again.

Thank you, American Eagle, for carrying real black denim jeans. I knew I could count on you.

Where do you find your favorite skinny jeans? {Can you believe I've only ever found one pair that fit well at GW! Crazy!}

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