Sunday, January 13, 2013

{the plan}: a colorful free daily planner printable

Monday feels so much better when you have a plan, doesn't it?

I think so. :)

That's why I love calendars. I think they make me at least feel more productive. Once I write a task on paper, I'm itching to mark it off my list. I'll do the chore just because I want it checked off! :P My planner ran out in December, and I've felt strange without one for the past two weeks. I kept worrying I would forget something. :)

I shopped every office store in town last week and couldn't find the one-page-per-day calendar planner I wanted {is there a theme here? I guess I'm picky when I decide to spend!}. After many failed online searches, I decided to...wait for it... make my own! Big surprise, eh? ;)

So, anyway, over the weekend I whipped up a daily planner for all of us. :D wohoo!

I wanted it to have specific sections that were important to me, with a full day calendar, and not to mention, be bright and cheery... :D

Here's {the plan}:
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What I use it for:

::  my prayer for today: This is where I write an idea I want to focus on praying for today. "Lord, please help me to have a good attitude" was Sunday's prayer. :) Sunday mornings are HARD. And yesterday was great. So He answered! Thank you, Lord! :D

:: weekly scripture: The verses I'm memorizing this week. Once I write things down, I remember them. Weird, but it works for me! 

:: quiet time thoughts: I wanted to record what God was showing me each morning so I wouldn't forget it throughout the day.

:: five goals: To-do list items I would like to complete through the day. I'm trying to keep these easy, so I can actually check them off. {And more than five is too many for me. :)}

:: household chores: These are chores I absolutely need to do that day. Usually this will be laundry, dishes, and basic cleaning. I love that I can also refer to my Confident Mom's Planner for the day's tasks if I want to add different chores than I normally do. Susan does a great job of outlining daily chores we don't even think about sometimes {like clipping nails...I'm terrible at remembering to do that!}.

:: meals: The plan for the day's meals. I write this in the week before as I do my menu planning.

:: love: Either a "love" project for the day {like write a note to my husband, give extra hugs, etc.} or a memory of something I loved about that day. 

:: schedule: Because I like to see what I have to do that day in detail. :)

And that's it! :D Nothing too fancy, but I like it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D

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p.s. I can't wait to show you what else I made for you! :D I'm so excited! :D

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