Monday, February 25, 2013

a dozen things that make me smile

Here are a few things that made me smile this morning:

1. Reading your comments on this post from this weekend, hearing your stories and seeing you guys have an awesome love for each other and a desire to help each other in comment threads. I so love every one of you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

2. Waking up to a clean kitchen. Oh, it feels good! :D

3. Last week's flowers from the hubs, just because {I was probably grumpy}, and a cake stand left out from our big gender reveal. :)

4. Almost instant Starbucks coffee. And never having to see coffee grounds again.

5. Happy dishes we can actually use!

6. Finding the results of having your 3-year-old clean off the plates from the table last night. She was being so helpful I didn't even think to see what she was doing! I really couldn't stop laughing when I found this in the bathroom later:

7. Baby boy clothes. And cheery baby fabric, hopefully to be made into something useful soon. :)

8. Lots of paint. Exterior house paint. It's happening!! Whoop!

9. My current craving: citrus. I can't get enough grapefruit. I have a feeling it will change when watermelon season comes along though. ;)

10. Star Wars legos that are now the DIY decor of choice. :) 

11. Pink Easter hats. I'm going to enjoy this girl phase to the fullest while it lasts. :)

12. Boys that sit down and do their work on their own. {okay, okay, that makes me grin like crazy. :)}

What makes you smile today? :)

Do you have "DIY" lego decor all over your house too? :D

Or do you have a favorite set of dishes you love to use? 

I love the Mikasa French Countryside set I got for my birthday a few years ago. We scored the entire set on Craigslist for $50! {Serving bowls, gravy boat, cream and sugar too!} I was so excited.

And those $5 anthro bowls are my favorite too. :D

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