Monday, February 4, 2013

{this week} :: a free weekly planner printable

After I posted my new favorite daily planner {the plan} a couple of weeks ago, some of you sweet peeps requested a weekly planner too, so just for fun I thought I'd share one with you this week! :D

You can use this along with {the plan} like I'm doing, or just use it as your main planning sheet. :) I have a monthly calendar, but now I outline my more specific to-do's at the beginning of the week with this before I organize my daily plan. I'm loving having it so far!

If you like to see your week at a glance too, here's a fun colorful sheet for your planner or fridge! :D

pin it

{note: choose actual size option when you print if possible}

You can also check out other free {bh} printables over here!

What's your favorite way to plan out your week? 
Are you still going old-school with pen and paper like I am? Or do you use electronics? :D 
What's your favorite organizing app?

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