Monday, March 4, 2013

a weekend date & pregnancy cravings {and anti-cravings}

How was your weekend? We had a fun and relaxing one- it started with a date in the big city {Dallas}. We had almost 24 hours alone, thanks to my awesome Dad who kept the kiddos! :D He's the best!

We left around lunchtime Friday, after we picked up some Wendy's to eat in the car on the trip. I had the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, which gets the award for best fast-food salad EVER:

It has bleu cheese, roasted pecans, and two kinds of apples with a really good pomegranate vinaigrette. It was so filling I couldn't even eat my baked potato.

We hit the fabric store {every man's dream, right? Right up there with going to Goodwill... ;)}. Or at least I did anyway, while Rob napped in the car. It was the biggest one I've been to in a while:

Oddly enough, out of all that fabric, I didn't find much I would want. Most of it was upholstery fabric. I really only liked this bird one in the middle:

I loved the cream and teal and red combo- it reminded me of Anthropologie. {Here's a link, if you like it too! :)}. I didn't buy anything, but I always try to keep good fabrics in mind that match the house.

Oh, and speaking of good old Anthro :), we {I} had fun stopping in to gaze and gather ideas. I have no idea why, but I probably would never set anything up like this at my house, yet I still completely adore all the funky blends of color and how nothing matches:

I managed to find a few tops that I liked while I was there too:

My fave was this one {and my husband's too}- a cute Peter Pan tee in my two favorite colors:

Just $48. ;) And loose and flowy {perfect for pregnancy, right honey?}...I'll wait for the sale, I suppose. ;)

I loved it, but I felt like I've seen it somewhere else before. Have you seen it before too? Or is it just a very common style? hmmm.... I'm going to check Marshall's and Ross. The other two were on sale, and even a price I might have been willing to pay if I had really loved them.

After we were done the mall, we went for an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, where the saddest thing happened. After eating an appetizer of 3-4 onion rings with ranch {healthy food for the baby, you know}, I ordered the most amazingly huge salad I have ever seen:

Pictures just don't do it justice, but it was this salad-loving girl's dream plate. See the size of my thumb on the side? That salad was enormous- bigger than my two hands stretched across it and piled high with veggies and chicken. :)

I was so excited....I dug in and I ate all of five whole bites before I was completely {and horribly} stuffed.

$15 worth of good salad... and I couldn't eat 1/10th of it! Maybe it was the onion ring appetizer on an empty stomach, but oh, the heart break. I've lost my appetite since- I think the baby is growing because I haven't wanted to eat salad lately- especially at night. It's so SAD. But I think it will pass soon enough. 

We didn't even get dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. We decided to stop by my new favorite place when I was feeling better, because I still had a craving that could only be fulfilled in the DFW area.

It was this artificially-flavored icy happiness in a 32 oz. cup:

A sugar-free peach-mandarin slurpee from 7-11. Can you believe there are no 7-11's anywhere near East Texas?? I searched high and low on the internet to find one. :(

Now I want a slurpee machine in my house. Would that be really weird?

Ahh, the strange side effects of pregnancy. I can't eat salad now, and I love Slurpees. And buffalo wing sauce- which again, I only eat while I'm pregnant. I don't want pickles at the moment, but I love salted lemons {so bad!}.

Please tell me I'm not alone. :)

What's the weirdest craving you've ever had? {pregnant or not?}
Not pregnant: steamed broccoli, cabbage, and tofu and mushrooms.
Pregnant: one of the above- Slurpees, which I've never liked until now. And Cool Ranch Doritos topped with hamburger-sliced pickles in the first 8 weeks. Which kind of makes me feel gross right now, but it's actually really good.

What's your favorite thing to do on a date? Do you go shopping for fun? :)

Have you ever ordered something expensive and felt great sadness when you couldn't eat much of it too, even though you wanted to? 

Oddly enough, that never happens to me with desserts. I can't remember leaving any of those uneaten. Maybe we should have started with those this weekend... :P

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