Sunday, March 17, 2013

kicking off spring break + $5 to the first person who guesses...

We decided to kick off Spring Break with a little crazy we went shopping at Sam's Club! Whoop! Well, it was like Disneyland for a hungry pregnant girl anyway. ;)

The kids are out of school for the next week, so we've been trying to come up with a few little things they like. I love how excited the kids get over the smallest stuff. :) We took them rollerblading and biking on the trail Saturday, and they were thrilled.

Yesterday at Sam's, we surprised them with one of their favorite cereals- Lucky Charms {perfect for St. Patrick's Day, no? :)} And they couldn't remember ever having Funyuns, which I absolutely couldn't believe. How did we miss that important childhood rite of passage? Funyuns were one of my favorites when I was a little girl.

Okay, I won't lie... I still love them now. :)

I stocked up on my grapefruit supply while we were there...

And some of this little bit of heaven I was out of for two weeks:

Those were both lovely, but I do believe I was more excited to find this in the corner of Sam's than the kids were about their Lucky Charms:

That is the most perfect watermelon ever created, right there...

Oh, my goodness, yum.... I dug in while I cut it up, and felt my belly grow at least 3 inches almost instantly. It was so worth it, but I couldn't see my feet!

{so did you notice what was on my shirt? I was rocking the hub's tee last night, and I hadn't a clue until Rob smiled and said how cute I looked in his shirt with a toilet on it. I couldn't stop laughing...I had taken a picture of a potty on my belly and never even noticed it... too much baby on the brain. :D} 

I made turkey burgers and fries for the kids to celebrate their first night of Spring Break. I'll have to share more about it later, but I have a new cooking method and now turkey burgers are amazing! {It's been hard to make a good turkey burger with 93/7!}

I met almost all of my goals for last week... all except for defrosting the freezer. I did clean it out, but I wasn't prepared to have to actually move it outside when I wrote my list. :)

So anyway.... you know how awesome it is when you find $50 in your coat pocket from last year? {that never happened, but that would be awesome wouldn't it?} That's what it was like when I found an entire pan of cinnamon rolls in the back of my freezer when I cleaned it out yesterday...

Cinnamon rolls > watermelon. Even frozen ones.

That's how good Sunday was at our house. It kept getting better and better. :)

We cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, and all stayed up late watching this movie...$5 goes to the first person who correctly guesses what movie it is in the comments:

For real. I'll send you $5!  :) And I'll send $5 to one randomly chosen person who guesses or just comments by midnight tonight too! So you have two chances to win some coffee money! hehee. I love you guys! :D

Watermelon, turkey burgers, Lucky Charms, late night movies, 70 degrees and sunny.... spring break, here we come! We've been waiting for you! :)

What are you excited about doing this spring? 
Wearing flip flops and feeling the sun burn on my face.

Do you have a favorite fruit or veggie that makes you do a happy dance in the store when you see it for the first time each year? 
Watermelon. Hands down. Cantaloupe and blackberries right behind it. :)

Favorite classic movie?
Not the one I was watching last night. :)

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