Thursday, March 28, 2013

this week's GW finds: banana republic, fisher price, + osh kosh

I made a little GW {Goodwill} run yesterday, and wasn't too disappointed. :) I didn't have the greatest finds ever, but I liked what I came home with! :)

Here's what I found:

This cute pear potholder for $1.99- I thought it should have really been .99 but the pears sold me. :)
And a few sweet little baby clothes: 
jacket- brand new w/tags Osh Kosh for $3.97, shorts and Carter's jumper .99 each}
I found a couple of tops and a dress to show you later {folded pics just won't do!}, but I was more excited about these Banana Republic sandals for $3.99! I go through a pair of sandals nearly every year... I'm hard on shoes because I wear the same ones all the time. :)

important thrifting tip: don't be afraid to try on shoes that aren't your size. You never know- they might just fit! {well, except for that Frye sandal in size 5 I tried on one time... 4 sizes may be going too far...}

And then for one more dollar than the shoes {GW pricing logic is a mystery to me}, I scored this precious baby bouncer for our little one!

$4.99? I love you again, GW.
I also bought the kids a few hardback books- Little House on the Prairie, Disney books, and Nancy Drew for .79 each. I like books at GW prices so much more than Amazon! :)

It wasn't too shabby for one run, eh? :) I think it's probably more than I've found in the last 5 visits to our local store combined. So it was a good day! :D

Have you scored any great thrifting finds recently? :)

How are the prices at your GW? 
Ours seem to keep going up and up.

Do you have brand new Target surplus items at your thrift store?
We do- and usually they're cheaper than the last Target clearance price they went for, though sometimes the mark them up more than Target did, which always makes me laugh! Usually the manager will come down if that's the case though. :)

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