Friday, April 26, 2013

pregnancy update- baby#5 {26 weeks}

wearing my favorite non-maternity pregnancy shirt
 + my DIY dyed jeans
I can't believe it's already been one month since my last baby update. I thought it would be fun to do a questionnaire this time- these are the questions I read on almost every pregnancy update blog, and I always enjoy them! :)

How far along: 26 weeks {almost 3rd trimester already!! crazy!}
Weight gain: average at this point...but I have been pretty hungry lately, so that might change! hahah! I'd like to keep it average until the end- if it's too low, I won't be able to feed the baby very long, too high and I might be painfully pushing out another 9 lb. 9 oz. baby for 3 hours like the first one... ;) So average would be great. Working on a new cookie recipe {pic below} probably doesn't help any in that area though... ;)
Maternity clothes: I wore an old maternity shirt for the first time yesterday and it was too big in the chest... {I'm still not sure how that's possible?!}... I can button most of my jeans, but I wore a bella band one time and it was incredibly nice. I don't have any maternity shirts that really fit me well yet {the baby is so high it makes all of mine look like a tent at the bottom}, and I don't want to buy any for just 12-14 weeks...but I might have to buy a few to make it to the end. 
Stretch marks: not so far this time, thankfully. I think I did all the stretching I needed to do in round 1. That one left me with a few permanent reminders. :)
Sleep: most of the time it's good, but sometimes I have terrible insomnia and wake up at like 4:20 for the day after going to bed at 11-12.
Exercise: Still feeling good- I have been able to stay with my normal workouts and teaching as usual so far {doing less hours per week overall, and at a lower intensity if needed}, and my energy level seems to be getting even better, which is so, so good!
Best moment of this week: being able to run 3+ miles without any discomfort on Wednesday- that was AMAZING! I couldn't stop smiling- the people on the trail kept looking at me like I was crazy. Here was a little of my view from a bridge that gorgeous day:

Miss anything: Seeing my abs and being able to breathe deeply through my nose. I'm hoping they both return soon...
Movement: He's getting much stronger- his kicks are harder, but his moving is still infrequent compared to the other gymnasts I've hosted in utero...
Food cravings: Chocolate frozen yogurt with M&M's still, and lots of grapefruit
Anything making you queasy or sick: I couldn't drink coffee for THREE whole days this week. It was so sad. I didn't even want to smell it, and that's never happened in all of my days. I had half of a cup this morning and am slightly regretting it.

Gender: Boy. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes, I have a definite bowling ball now!
Here's 22 weeks, and today, 4 weeks later- you can see a bigger baby bump for sure: 

Labor signs: I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time. I don't consider them false labor, I think they're my body working out for the real deal in a few weeks. Labor is like the Crossfit games, and BH's are like going to the gym every day to get ready for them! :D
Belly button in or out: out- only in the last 3 pregnancies though! 
Wedding rings on or off: On. I've been able to wear them all but with the first baby.
Happy or moody most of the time: It depends on my exhaustion level that day. I'd say happy most of the time, but way less happy at night when I'm really tired. :(
Looking forward to: A 10th anniversary vacation with the hubs, hopefully before the baby comes! woooohooo!

Did you take a vacation while you were pregnant {or recently, non-pregnant}? Where did you go? We haven't finalized anything yet, so we're still deciding. We're vacation hikers but I know I need to rest too before the baby comes... :)
When did you get BH contractions? Mine have been consistent for at least a few weeks now. 
Do you notice any difference between boy and girl pregnancies? I'm hungry for protein with boys, and am usually less moody with boys than girls. :) That's usually how we predict the genders and are right! :)

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