Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY easy instagram poster {semi-homemade}

Remember this homemade wrapping paper art I made a few months ago? 

{I'm still quite happy with it!!}

Last year, I was totally inspired to make my own artwork for my walls by Ashley from the Handmade Home. Her style is lovely, and her living room is beautiful and so unique to their family. :) Isn't it pretty??

I never like to buy expensive large pieces of art, so with our nearly 11 foot ceilings we have tons of empty walls here at our house, even after 3 years of living here {well, that and I hate to hang things up!}. I loved the idea of having a big collage like that over the couch- it would be meaningful art that didn't cost a fortune! 

She made hers from individual instagram photos lined up and made her frame, but I went the easy route and used Printstagram and Walmart! That makes it semi-homemade, right? Sandra Lee would be proud.  ;)  

I plugged in my ig info, chose my pictures in a few minutes, and they shipped me a printed 20x30 in a few days. With shipping, it came to less than $30 if I remember right.

I was so excited about it because the poster became like a visual journal of our last year...

We did projects, grew a garden, made cakes, worked out, had my 30th birthday, went on a real food diet, and took lots of pictures of Ava. ;)

It still makes me smile! :)

Since it was a standard size poster, I bought this big 20x30 collage frame at Walmart for less than $18 in store:

I spray-painted it, and added my poster, and here she is!

{I told you I was bad about hanging. hehe}

Even resting on the plant stand, I'm in love! 

So the grand total for the project ended up being more than I wanted to pay for art- I didn't realize how much those frames were at Walmart before I bought the poster. But it is a very large piece, and customized for our family for around $45! And it still makes me smile. :)

Do you like collage art too? 

Are you on Instagram? 
I'm bhomemaking if you want to follow along! :) 

Do you like hanging art? {and if so, will you come over to my house??}
I love wall art, but hanging it is another story. ;)

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