Thursday, June 13, 2013

thrifty outfit: $10 Walmart dress + thrifted Banana Republic {+33 week pics}

Remember the $9.97 coral Walmart dress from Tuesday? Here's how it looked on with my $4 Banana Republic thrifted sandals:

I wouldn't necessarily call it the best maternity dress with the elastic hitting mid-waist, but I really, really liked it anyway! It's super soft, has adjustable straps, doesn't go too low in the chest, and hits the knee so I don't have to wear something under it! 

I was very impressed, and the hubs loved it too. He said I looked cute! :D

I'll take "cute" these days- especially when I don't feel super cute with this growing 33-week belly all out there... :) 

Hey, I will say the belly makes for an excellent armrest while I'm thinking/speaking though... hahaha! :) This baby armrest/bowl holder/toothpaste catcher just keeps getting bigger and bigger! :) {a good thing, for sure!}

I was at a shower for our sweet friends here last weekend- and I had the chance to get to know a new friend, Carol, who writes children's books! We had so much fun chatting about writing and blogs we both read! :D 

And oh my goodness, the shower was so gorgeous! It was an adoption shower for our pastor and his beautiful wife who are adopting a sweet preteen girl from Ethiopia this summer. I'm so excited for them! :) If you think of them, will you pray for them and the big transition that they will be going through this year?

{many thanks to my friend Danielle B. for taking all of the pics!! she did such a great job! :D}

So I have a question for you- have you adopted before? Do you have any advice for friends of adopting parents of an older child? How can we help them best? I'd so love to know your thoughts!

What's your favorite flower? 
Hydrangeas are mine- indoors and out. Aren't those purple ones gorgeous? ahhhh....

Any tricks for getting babies to move out of your ribcage? 
This one is either really, really high or really low, all the time! :)

p.s. stay tuned for a big giveaway later on today {Lord-willing!}! :D

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