Wednesday, July 24, 2013

homemaking hack #9: repurposing chipped or broken bowls

When we first moved in our house, I spotted this lovely aqua polka-dot mixing bowl at Ross for around $8:

I actually had a really hard time deciding whether to spend that much money on a "pretty" mixing bowl, but I talked myself into it. ;) I had great plans for it to be on display on our kitchen shelf in between being the chip holder/ life of every party we hosted. :) 

You can imagine how heartbroken I was when it got a huge chip in it after only a couple of uses... turns out it wasn't such a great purchase decision after all. :(

But I wouldn't give up on it. I kept it anyway {I mean, I'd spent money on it!!}, and lined it with tissue paper to serve food in at parties. But the perfectionist in me secretly hated the big ugly chip that always became visible at some point during the party, so I stopped using it altogether. 

After a couple years of it taking up cabinet space, I finally came up with a different use for my favorite bowl when I saw these ready-made succulent pots in the garden center of Lowe's:

In two minutes, added a little extra potting soil to that old chipped mixing bowl and bam! :)

Sweet gorgeousness, right on my counter that perfectly hides that nasty chip. :)

I so love that I get to see my favorite mixing bowl every day now, and that it's lovely polka-dots {and my $7} didn't go to waste! :)

How do you repurpose your broken or chipped dishes? :D
Any creative ideas? I'd love to hear! 

Also, how do you keep these things alive long-term? 
The vine looking one keeps shedding all over my counter... ;)

Do you tend to hang on to broken items or throw/give them away?
I usually have no problem getting rid of broken things, but I couldn't let go of that polka-dot!

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