Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fall has come {and gone}, dangerous foods, and bonus goals

After the rain Friday, the fall season {70 degrees in Texas} came five minutes later {and lasted for five more minutes}, but I’m still savoring the sweet end of September. Zane is 6 weeks old today and it’s a little ridiculous how much I love him. I love snuggling with him in the mornings and getting those sweet toothy little grins. Ahhhh. I’m so thankful they are small for a while. ;)

The women’s retreat I spoke at this weekend was wonderful. The Holy Spirit was there and He was so good, and answered the many {many} prayers that I would be able to speak and focus. I am so amazed by Him. Truly. He is so kind and full of mercy. Thank you for praying for me!!!

The sweet girls who made the retreat possible thought of everything and made the whole event so very lovely. They gave us gifts and in it were three of my favorite things- an Anthro mug, a Starbucks card, chocolate, and more. :D I’m loving the idea of curling up to a warm cup of coffee like last year.

I’m also enjoying these- they were down $2 per lb. from last year- can you believe it? Ahh. Pecans. Yum.


Pecans are one of my favorite nuts ever, right behind walnuts and raw cashews. But they’re really dangerous- I can eat way more of them than I should. :)

But I have to say they’re probably not as dangerous as these babies:


For the record, I had no part in buying those. ;) Rob and I went to Sam’s together, and he made me put them in the buggy because they were $6 for 6 lbs. Such a good deal and all. Except for my hips. ;) Luckily they’re not the best gummy bears ever…

And I need your help. I bought this before the baby was born and never drank it:


I’ve never had kombucha before, but it’s technically expired. Is it like the expiration on milk? Will I die if I open it and drink it? Or does the fermentation get better with time like wine? I have no clue what it should taste like, so if it’s bad I might think that’s normal! :P Will it give me natural energy like it claims?

And here’s the before of a little project the hubs worked on this weekend. I can’t wait to show you the after!


Now that the baby is getting older, I can do a little more if he’s in the carrier/wrap, so I’m giving myself a few easy goals this week to see what happens. If they don’t get done, it will be okay. I’ve been holding a baby for 6 weeks straight, so anything that gets done will be a bonus. :)


midwife appointment- 6 week checkup
list 2 things on Craigslist
exercise 3-4 hours/ teach my 2 classes
try to avoid these Oreos {hardest one on the list}
store returns and gift shopping
take the children to a special outing/movie
bonus points: clean out my dresser/closet

And this week’s menus {staying with simple and mostly ready made}:
black beans and baked potatoes
pizza night
beans + rice
easy chicken tortilla soup
frozen freezer meal
barbecue sandwiches + sweet potato fries
dinner out

meals for me:
chicken + brown rice
baked potatoes
buffalo chicken sandwich on naan bread {my new favorite!}
chicken tortilla soup


Have you ever had Kombucha? Loved or hated it? What is it supposed to taste like?

What are your goals for this week?

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