Thursday, September 26, 2013

frugal mishaps {of the haircutting kind}

Because no frugal journey is without its mishaps, I just have to share one of the latest adventures I went on this week… ;)

So I’ve been cutting our boys’ hair for several years to save money- I figure it saves us at least $120 or more a year to do it at home. Several years ago we invested in a set of Wahl clippers, and I’ve been cutting their hair ever since, with the exception of a few special occasions. :)

I’ve never been good at it, but in the grand scheme of things- how much does it matter if they don’t have perfect hair? Not much, we figure. I’m no professional, so I nearly always waver when it’s haircutting time, but Rob insists that I do a great job and it saves us $30 a pop. So I do it anyway. :) Plus, we’ve paid $30 and been less than happy with the outcome plenty of times.

We hadn’t done any haircuts at our house since May, and it was TIME.

Noah was the first candidate to go under the clippers. Here’s the before:


All was going well until, for maybe the second time in all of our haircutting history, the GUARD fell off in the middle of a cut!


My eyes just got really wide, and Noah asked what happened and immediately started laughing…. {he was still laughing in the pic above}. He wanted to see it, so I took a picture of the tiny {ahem} mistake I’d made:


Eeeeewww no. Rob thought I was going to have to shave it off completely, but I did my best to salvage the style, and here’s what came out of it:




Not too bad, I think. :P I can still see the spot, but luckily his blonde hair  is much more forgiving than darker hair. I actually really like how it turned out! He was such a good sport about it too. He thought it was hilarious his mama accidentally scalped him. That’s my boy. :)

After Noah’s extra-generous hair cut, I was a wimp and barely touched Elijah’s hair. He just had a little trim.

Turns out haircutting on little sleep can be a dangerous thing. ;)

Do you cut hair at home?
While I do, and love to save the money, it makes me appreciate the skill of hair stylists all the more!

Have you ever messed up a haircut like that? What happened? {please make me feel better, hahah!}

Do frugal mishaps happen to you too?

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