Friday, October 11, 2013

8 fun and thrifty Walmart finds {fall 2013 edition}

With fall arriving, you know it's that time again... :) 

I had a ton of fun doing this series earlier this spring and summer, so I had to bring it back for fall! :P {Again, I'm not affiliated with Walmart in any way, I just have fun finding unexpectedly cute and affordable items there and want to share them with you!}. 

Here are eight of my favorite Wally World finds in no particular order:

If I didn't have one already, I would have hopped on this deal! It's very colorful and so much fun!

2. Ceramic statue night lights, $12.97 {in stores only}. 
I thought these were so cute! It would make a sweet and quirky housewarming gift too! Or a perfect little night light for a nursery or a new mom's bedroom.

I've regretted buying cheap sweaters in the past, but these seem well made and get really good reviews so I wouldn't mind trying one out for $12.54. They were really cute! I'm a big fan of the longer boyfriend style.

4. the Ruffle Scarf, $6.97. 
{I couldn't find these online}. The mustard one is thick and gorgeous in real life!

5. Button knit hats, $5.97. 
We call these toboggans here in Texas. Probably because we almost never need them and have never actually used or seen a real toboggan, ever. Too bad it's so warm here, because these were PRECIOUS. :D

6. Denim Jackets, $15.44
While I'm not a huge denim jacket fan myself, I know they're extremely popular at all of my favorite clothing places: J. Crew, Anthro, and Gap. This classic one gets great reviews. And you can't beat the $15 price {instead of $75+}, unless you find one used at the thrift store or a garage sale.

And I thought they did a pretty good job styling it to be J. Crew-esque here:

7. 6x8 Canvas, $3.97 {in stores only}
I tried to find these online, but didn't see them. This little one went home with me because LOVE does save the day!! He already did! :D

I think I saw these in person the other day. This lightweight style is pretty much a winter staple here. These were very well reviewed too, and very affordable for sweating in! :D

And those are my eight favorites for fall!

What were your favorite finds at Wally World recently?

And what do you call that knit warm hat you wear in the winter? :D Beanie? Toboggan? I'm curious to hear what you say and where you're from!

Denim jacket fan or not so much? 
I have broader shoulders so they tend to look more 1990's on me. Hey, if shoulder pads ever come back, I won't have to buy any! :P

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