Thursday, November 21, 2013

my favorite thanksgiving freebies this year + one yummy recipe

I can't believe we are only a week away from Thanksgiving, can you? It's still 60-85 degrees here, so I'm having a really hard time believing it this year. ;) I guess it's time to start planning what I'm cooking and baking in just 7 days! 

I was doing a little holiday research today, and thought I would share some of my favorite Thanksgiving freebies from around the web! :D {oh, and if you happen to pin them, please head to the original post and pin from their source, if you can :D}

2. This week I really want to do a thankful tree and leave it up through Christmas. Lia Griffith has a gorgeous tutorial and free printable leaves!

3. We are already using these Thanksgiving Bible printables for kids:

4. I thought this was a fun idea- it's just a sheet of paper folded into this super easy printable utensil holder:

5. I thought this printable coloring sheet would actually make some very pretty frame-able art!

6. And this set is all over Pinterest but I had never seen it before this week! Here is the most amazing printable collection I have ever seen from the TomKat Studio:

7. And lucky number 7...oh my stars, this has nothing to do with free printables, but I think I'll be making these apple pie bars for Thanksgiving! They look heavenly:

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? 
We've never done a thankful tree before, but some years we go around the table and tell what we are thankful for. I'm excited to try the tree with the kids, and we might incorporate the silverware holder to inspire conversations with our guests! :D

Link to your best pumpkin pie recipe?
True story- I have hated pumpkin pie all of my life, and the other day at the store I tried a sample of a store-bought one and loved it. Maybe I was just starving, but it was sweeter, creamier, and less clovey than ones I tried before. So the pumpkin flavor I like, just not too much of the "spice" flavor. :D Now I want to try to make one!

What's a good price for a turkey this year?

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