Monday, November 4, 2013

Women Living Well book study: all the details

Here are all the details on the Women Living Well Book Study here at Biblical Homemaking! :D

What is it about?
It's a book study of a brand new book written by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well. It's a great book filled with practical advice on how to find joy in God in everyday life, and how to live out the love of Jesus to your husband and kids in your home.

What do I need to join?
All you need is a copy of the book Women Living Well: Find Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home by Courtney Joseph, and a printer if you'd like to print out the study guides {fun side note: all sales of this book through the Amazon affiliate link above will support this Ugandan orphan ministry! yay!}

Cost: FREE, you just need a copy of the book! It's around $12 online. :D

Is it too late to join? 
No, not at all! We started as a group in October, but I'm leaving all of the discussions, study guides, and comments available for you to use whenever you want to join in! You can start in the middle with us, or go back and do it at your own pace. :D

How do I sign up? 
You can enter your email address below to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss a post- you'll receive each post straight to your inbox. {oh, and don't forget to confirm your email address in your inbox!}

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You can also follow along on Facebook if you'd like!

How does this online study work?
I'm posting/leading a weekly discussion each Wednesday through Dec. 11, 2013 here on the blog. All you need to do is leave comments on the current {or old} posts to discuss our weekly questions together!

It's simple to be part of the discussion- you can leave a comment of your own, or comment on someone else's thoughts, and the best thing is that we have no time constraints! I'll be posting each study on Wednesday at 5 a.m. {Lord-willing}, but you can just join in whenever you can. You also don't need to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc. though you are welcome to post over there too!

You can jump in with us where we are in the study whenever you'd like, or you're welcome to wait until the end when all of the study guides will be available.

Where can I find all the study guides?
The study guides are still being posted each week, so you can only download the previous ones right now. The available ones will be listed below in this post as they are added. The finished {bh} study guide will be available mid-December, if you'd rather wait for them all before you begin reading.

Will you do this study again?
I'm not sure what the future holds, but the study guides and all of the discussions will be freely available  here on the blog after we finish the study, and you're welcome to go through it with a group of your own.

More details:
What it's aboutWomen Living Well: the book study {intro}

Here are the previous weekly discussion links and study guides {will be updated each week}:

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