Wednesday, January 29, 2014

homemaking hack: spreadable whipped honey

Do you ever keep honey until it gets all grainy and crystallized at the bottom? No one likes to eat it like that at our house. We sometimes warm it up to make it gooey again, but usually by the time it crystallizes it just sits even longer in our pantry.

I read somewhere {so long ago I couldn't find it} that you can whip honey. I looked up creamed/whipped honey this week, and it turns out that the official way to make it is a totally different process than what I did, but I decided to experiment anyway and see what my chunky honey would turn out like if I whipped it in my mixer without adding anything else. 

So this is kind of my cheater version of whipped honey. :)

Here's the before:

And here it is after several minutes {5 minutes or more} of whipping on high. You can just turn on your mixer and go do some laundry. :)

Keep mixing until most of the crystals have least 10 minutes or more. If you are patient, you can see just how creamy it will get.

I was surprised that the texture completely changed from hard crunchy crystals to a light, spreadable honey. There were still some crystals left in mine {probably because I was impatient and stopped too soon}, but it was so cool to just see how creamy it became and how thinly the honey spread- it's the perfect texture for spreading on a sandwich. And it was way better than the original super-crystallized version! :)

It also seemed to make the honey stretch- I didn't use much to whip, but what little I did went pretty far! I saved the rest in the fridge for the kids to put on their almond butter sandwiches. :)

Here is another recipe I found later after I did mine that calls for 1/2 portion of liquid/regular honey, and 1/2 portion crystallized honey. I didn't have regular honey to add to mine, so you could try either one! You might have even fewer crystals in your honey if you do half new and half old.

I'm always amazed when the internet shows me new ways to use what I already have! ;) We are so blessed to have all of this crazy information. And really, we're blessed to even have honey sitting in our pantry, aren't we? :)

Have you ever tried whipping old honey? 

Ever bought the real creamed version from a beekeeper?

Favorite honey recipe? :)

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