Friday, January 24, 2014

playing catch-up :: friday to-do list

Friday is usually a school day at our house, but we are only doing a half day today so mama can catch up on things around here. We've had a busy week so naturally the laundry has fallen way behind. :) {side note: I'm not sure if having so many clothes is a good thing- on one hand, less clothing means less laundry...but then again, what would they all wear on weeks I fall behind like this one? What would it be like if we only had two sets of clothes? I'm tempted to hold an experiment...wouldn't that be interesting! I think I could be okay with it... :)}

Anyway, enough dreaming... ;) On my to-do list for today: 

1. Replace this IKEA couch cover with a clean white one:

2. Light the candle. {already done!!! man, I'm fast...}

3. Learn BODYCOMBAT 58 tracks for practice at 3:30 today:

4. While multi-tasking, of course... ;)  because I have this mountain of laundry to conquer:

5. I'd also like to spend some special time with these little humans. We might go to the library and for ice cream if we can. :)

6. And hey, if you aren't playing catch-up like me today and have extra time, you might be interested in reading the Mombassadors interview I did with Abbie over at M is for Mama {you still have a few hours left to enter to win the candle/Bible giveaway}, or checking out what's on her heart this week.

7. {just because it's a good number!} wish you happy weekend, sweet friends! 

I am blessed to know you! :)

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