Thursday, January 16, 2014

super GW score: new fossil tote bag + 3 rules for thrifting

A couple of weeks ago we hit up my favorite Goodwill on the planet. :) It's in the DFW area {and it's so good, I can't tell you where it is unless we're related by blood... :P}. 

I think my shopping habits are definitely changing these days. I've set three standards for buying bargains that set the bar for my purchases a little higher: I have to either absolutely LOVE the item, buy it as investment, or already have a need for it in my house right now.

This usually keeps me from buying something just because it's a good deal or it may fit me someday {like the three pairs of designer jeans that I knew I wouldn't wear or sell quickly}.

So with my newer rules in place, I walked out of my favorite GW with just one item- this Fossil key per tote:

It fell into category #1- I loved it, and I knew it could also be a category #2, because I could resell it for at least what I paid after I finish using it.

It was brand new, with a few little flaws in the shiny patent polka dots on the back, FGW written inside, and a tiny cut in the bottom they do to every bag to prevent returns:

Other than that, it still had the wrapping on the zippers and was perfect. The original retail price for it was $118, and new ones have sold for $62+ on eBay, but I was happy to find mine for all of...

$10.  :D

I walked out of GW with my one happy item, and went on my way. :)

It's fun deals like these that always make thrifting worth it. 

Even when you leave with just one good item. :)

How do you decide what to buy when it comes to bargains?

What do you do with the money that you save when you buy secondhand? 
We have a big goal we are saving for right now. I hope to tell you more about it soon! :) 


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