Tuesday, February 4, 2014

life this morning, using my kitchen workhorses + menu plans this week

Life is feeling much better after sleeping more this weekend.

I think taking vitamins again is helping me to re-energize too. I am keeping them out on the counter so I will be forced to take them. :)

Power foods like these granola bars {recipe} are helping too. ;) I can't believe we devoured this many of them in less than 12 hours {and that's including sleeping for 8...}:

I think Zane must be going through a little growth spurt- he weighs about 21 lbs. now at 5.5 months. {thus the need for granola bars! :P} We haven't started solid foods yet, but I have a feeling this little man will like them! I'm so thankful he is part of our crazy life. Even after 5 months, I still could just eat him up. I'm not sure a baby has ever had so many kisses. :)

feed me, mama!!
And having this new baby makes even more thankful for how dedicated the kids have been to their school work this year. Noah {green shirt} sets his alarm to get up at 7 a.m. so he can finish school early {which makes me so happy!}. They suddenly seem so small and cute here:

The baby was happy to sit in the high chair a little while this morning, so as the kids were doing their school, I did as much as I could do hands-free, and as fast as I could. :) Luckily, I can have these babies cooking dinner for me in only a few minutes. Veggie chili, basmati rice, and a loaf of bread are going all at the same time. :)

On days like today, my coffee needs to be reheated- and somehow it still gets forgotten in the microwave. :)

And lunch is at the computer so I can blog while the kids take their lunch break outside. :)

I'm still working on finishing all of my goals for last week {our goals and menu plans ended up being way off, and I still have to find a 1/2 bag more of clutter}, but here are our menu "plans" for this week: 

:: dinners ::
:: lunches ::
  • salad + chicken breast + veggies
  • sandwiches + blue corn tortilla chips
  • beef hotdogs {a rare treat! I think I was hungry when I bought them, or something}
  • beans + rice with salsa

:: breakfasts :: 
  • granola bars for Sunday morning rush
  • cereal
  • biscuits
  • frozen fruit + greek yogurt {we have to finish a container}

What's on the menu at your house this week?

Do you have a rice cooker?
I would have never thought it would be something we used so often, but it really does make the perfect rice!

Favorite vitamin brand?
I've been using Special One from Now Foods forever, and I love them.

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