Monday, February 17, 2014

v-day weekend, the best coffee mug + other lovely things

It was a lovely weekend if I do say so myself. :D

It started with a date with this guy for Valentine's at his very favorite place, Chuy's:

Well, actually, he is so good, he started Valentine's on Thursday by bringing me these roses. :D 

And thankfully the weather changed to beautiful on Friday, so our date was even more amazing. We had our tiny third wheel with us, but he was on his best behavior. :) 

We ended the night with Starbucks, where Rob bought me the best insulated mug I've ever used. My coffee gets cold fast in our chilly house, and so I have been looking for a mug that 1. was insulated, 2. had a handle, and 3. didn't have a flip lid of some kind. And now I have a mug that fits all three! {wohoo!} It works so well. I can't believe how much he paid for it, but that man sure knows how to love his woman. :P {He also gave me an emerald green leather purse. Man, what a guy! :D}

I've so enjoyed how my warm coffee lasts longer every morning. And did I ever tell you about my new best friend I have to go with it? It was one of my Christmas presents from my parents:

The ESV Bible is so different than my MacArthur study Bible I've always used, but I love it too. It's much more vague and often takes less of a hard stance than the MacArthur version, but it also provides more contextual information and visuals, and I really like the small size of it too. It's been lovely to use. :)

And speaking of lovely, I found this fabric in the remnant section at the fabric store for $5/yard:

It's bold and the flowers are huge. I can't wait to cut it up and show you what I'm making with it. :) I'm hoping to add that little fun project to my to- do list for this week. 

I'm not sure it will make it on the list this week though- here's what it's like to even try to write a to-do list in my notebook these days:

Zane gets jealous and makes sure I can't do anything but hold him. ;) He eats all competition.

One night when Rob's home and my hands are free again, I'd really like to make a round of freezer meals. Frozen meals like the lasagna we had last night make life so much easier {at least when you remember to put them in the oven, anyway}.

How was your weekend? Was it lovely? {ahem :D}

Do you have a favorite freezer meal to make in bulk? I'd love to hear! I'm thinking white chicken chili, and taco soup again.

Do you ever use foil pans? 
I buy them at Sam's and love them to pieces. I mostly use them for freezer cooking and taking meals to other families. If I remember right, they run about .33 each at Sam's instead of 50 cents- $1+ at Walmart or the dollar store.

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