Monday, March 3, 2014

can you guess where this place is? {weekend update}

Okay, can you guess where this extremely magical place is??

We took Friday afternoon off and headed for the big city with the kids, and I determined that I am officially grown up now because I was ridiculously excited to get a membership here:

note the lovely sunny Saturday {so lovely I was sweating, in fact}!!
Even though it's over an hour away, we bought the membership since we figure we'll make it there several times a year. From what I can tell it's a little more expensive than Sam's Club in general, but Costco > Sam's because of these fabulous items:

Natural {sugarless} peanut butter, organic tofu, unsweetened organic applesauce, organic raisins, roasted seaweed, short grain brown rice, and organic quinoa?? I was in heaven, I tell you. :) I know I'm probably really weird when it comes to food, but I was so excited to find bulk quantities of some of my favorite foods ever. And since the asparagus was $2/lb. we took the risk and bought it even though we couldn't refrigerate it for hours. {It made it home okay!}

They even have awesome workout clothes for $10. And thin pizza crusts too.

I'm in love

Costco, please come to East Texas asap.

The kids wouldn't mind if this store were closer too:

The main purpose of our trip was to let the kids each pick out a bucket of Legos as a reward for good behavior for the last couple of months. :)

And I had fun browsing old Pottery Barn for a few minutes:

And the kids let me do some shopping too. ;) I found a couple of shirts at the outlet mall, but honestly I was more excited about the food we carried home, lol! 

And then on Sunday afternoon, Texas Spring arrived:

There's ice everywhere! My poor dogwood and magnolia trees. The dogwood and the other trees were already blooming and now they're frozen. I feel so bad for them.

It's a snow day for everyone but these poor homeschooling kids... ;) 

As we drove home in the sleet storm yesterday, Noah said, "It sure is a good thing we homeschool- we don't have to take a day off for the snow!"

I like the way he thinks. And his style. ;)

How was your weekend? Did you have snow or sun or both like us? :P

Weirdest food you never thought you'd love?
Seaweed and tofu are both near the top of that list. Coffee is probably the biggest shocker- I didn't like it until I was 27. I couldn't understand why anyone would like it.

Which do you love more- Costco or Sam's? or BJ's? {I've never been there!}

Any favorite, can't live without them items from Costco I need to try next time we go?

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