Monday, March 10, 2014

I've been waiting for this all my life...

I've been waiting for this day ever since I was a little girl... 

I used to dress up my dolls with a matching t-shirt nightgown {remember those?}, and now I get to match my girls. ;) They were so excited. I found them on clearance in the girls' section at the Gap outlet- it was really the first time they've had all of our sizes. Of course we had to wear them at the same time and take a picture. :)

While we were out for the day, we went to our local whole foods store to pick up French's mustard:

Just kidding. :) We did pick up mustard, but we found a few fun things too- like these okra chips:

I have no idea what they did to these to make them so crunchy and light, but I'm quite sure it's the only way I could ever be able to overeat okra. They are fantastic.

I'm going to try my best to stick with the okra chips from now on. I'm saying a fond goodbye to aisles like these...

thanks to the major sugar reactions I've been having lately. If I eat anything that is really sweet {even a sweet potato}, within 30 minutes my head and face starts killing me, my blood pressure goes up and I feel really irritable. I've had this happen before when I was eating really clean, and I've been eating pretty well, but I think it may be more related to nursing blood sugar this time. Either way, there goes anything really sweet. I can no longer handle the consequences. :(

To avoid blood sugar crashes, I'm welcoming back early a.m. protein like this omelet:

I will miss sweets though. It actually made me a little sad to hurry past all the Cadbury eggs at Target. {Cadbury eggs are the best candy on the planet.} Luckily, all these bright patterns were distracting me in the form of adorable throw pillows. ;)


I resisted their beckoning, mentally chanting "do you want to pay off your house?" over and over, though there were good reasons these pouf ottomans with outdoor fabric needed me to buy them.  I wonder if the devil loves Target because it is so very ridiculously easy to covet there. I probably should have been praying instead of talking to myself, you know?

Rob gave me a few hours to myself on Saturday night so I wandered through Target with a drink and popcorn. FYI, it is probably not the best place to go if you like colorful ottomans and want to control your desires/spending. Or, maybe it is a good place to go if you need a little extra sanctification and revealing of your sinful nature. Ugh.

They will even test you in the garden section with these randomly placed 1 lb. chocolate bunnies. 

What is it with the garden, anyway? 


Training and self-discipline are on my mind this week- for myself and the kids. Food, desires, sleep, attitudes, schedules, spending... so many areas that need improvement right now. I can tell we all need a spring break. And more training.

I've had this Child Training Bible kit waiting to do since I got pregnant with Zane {sweet Mindy from CTB sent it to me as a gift!}, so after school, the boys are going to help me assemble it and read all the verses as they highlight them as a project. I'm thinking it's a win-win for everyone. ;)

We're also doing some sleep schedule re-working with the time change this week. It's been rough so far, but we're so happy for the extra hour of daylight, and the return of the sunshine after the big storm. Remind me not to ever despise Texas weather, because warm sunshine a couple of days after an ice storm is a pretty great thing. :)

Come, come sweet Spring {break}.

Did the sunshine return at your house?

Are you feeling the spring fever too? 
I'm not sure if it's the homeschooling or what, but I'm so ready! :)

Cadbury eggs- love them or hate them? Or your favorite Easter candy ever? {that I will no longer be able to eat???? I'll live vicariously through you.}
I've found most people to either love those famous, wonderful chocolate eggs or hate them altogether.  ;)

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