Monday, March 31, 2014

Meaningful Use Attestation

The CMS has extended the MU attestation deadline of the Medicare EHR incentive program for eligible professionals from February 28, 2014 to March31, 2014.

Meaningful Use Attestation
Meaningful Use Attestation
According to the health information technology, the meaningful use attestation is to document which an organization demonstrated the meaningful use and fulfilling the requirements for the EHR and related technology successfully.
Generally, the attestation is to validate about something which is true. The health care organization is supposed to demonstrate meaningful use to be eligible for payments under the Medicare or Medicaid EHR incentive program from the federal government. The list of electronic health record products have compiled by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid EHR services used for meaningful use attestation under the program of CMS Medicaid and Medicare EHR incentive.
According to the HITECH act of 2009, organizations which are eligible for the Medicare EHR incentive program, should attest to the meaningful use by 2014 to be eligible for the incentive payments of EHR. The CMS and ONC have established all the criteria. The eligibility for the Medicaid program must have to demonstrate meaningful use by 2016 for the payment receiving.
It is beneficial to get started with the end result in mind when preparing for the meaningful use attestation.

Preparation and Planning for MU Attestation

·        Carefully go through the Meaningful Use requirements at the beginning of your attestation period and check it every after 30 days to keep away from the overlook anything
·        Always remember that the period of attestation is of 90 consecutive days
·        Always keep your stuff in a file folder with a backup hard copy.
·        Schedule to run the reports of meaningful use on a weekly basis for every eligible doctor

As the deadline of meaningful use attestation is extended till March 31, 2014, the providers got some more time to submit their meaningful use data to receive the incentive payment for the program year of 2013 plus to avoid the payment adjustment of 2015.

Attestation Procedure

There is an attestation and registration system for the eligible professionals to submit their meaningful use attestations. It is necessary to attest before March 31, 2014 to meet with the program deadline of 2013. The eligible hospitals must have to contact with CMS for assistance submitting their attestation.


There are resources available for the eligible professionals who are working on their attestation for the 2013 period.
·        Stage 1 meaningful use calculator
·        Website of EHR incentive program
·        User guide for the registration and attestation

Other than that, the information center of EHR is open for attestation with all the attestation and registration system inquiries.


There are also some tips which help the professionals keep their process easier for themselves.
·        Make sure that your relevant information is up to date in the Medicare payment system
·        Make sure that you have given the valid contact details in the registration of EHR program
·        Just sign up on attestation and registration system and make sure that you are provided information is correct and up to date and start entering your 2013 data
·        If you have any queries or facing problems, just call the EHR incentive program help desk or report the problem.

Luckily, the 2014 certified EHR will going to have a reporting system for everyone which will help them to keep reporting for every provider in their practice organized.

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