Monday, March 24, 2014

that time we ran into famous people + a spring recharging

It's finally spring break at our house! It feels like I have been waiting so long for this week to come. :) 

We started off our big break with a little junk food celebration:

Did you notice the M&M's?? :DDD

They taste like carrot cake, believe it or not. A little bit of artificial carrot cake, but if you're a cake fan, I guess you tend to like cake-flavored ice cream and candy... ;)

We also escaped away for a bit of alone time thanks to my dad again. :) We strolled into our favorite date spot, the Christian bookstore- completely oblivious that a major book signing was going on until we made it in the door.

But as soon as we found out it was these lovely people, we bought a book and hopped in line! :P

Who would've thought we'd run into the Duggars in the bookstore on a date?? :) 

I think Zane really liked Michelle too...

I mean really liked her...

Oh my, yes, my little Zane loved her.

Here he's got that look in his eye...

 And then...he's leaning in,


Yes, only my child would pull a famous person's hair. :P

He was extremely excited to take home a fistful of Mrs. Duggar's hair as a souvenir:

Luckily, she's the most gracious woman on the planet. My husband reminded me that if there was anyone who would understand an embarrassing baby incident, it would be Michelle Duggar. :)

You guys, she is the real deal...I've never met anyone who could sign books for hours and still be as interested and caring as she was that night. I've only met her on tv and once in a bookstore, but I LOVE her. :)

The Duggar parents and their older kids both signed the new book that I'm reading this week:

And I'm planning to read this one on my week off too:

You can tell I'm hoping to have lots of time to read. ;) I am going to be away from the internet until next week because my body and heart seem to be in great need of recharging. I've been feeling really weary for some time now, and I'm praying that this week will reenergize me in the best of ways. Most of all, I'm really wanting to get alone with Jesus and spend lots of time drinking in the living water. I know that will be the only way I'll find true refreshment. I need Him so much, all the time.

I hope you have a wonderful week, sweet friends!! :) I'll see you in a few days!

Have you been feeling the weariness lately too? Or is it just me?

Have you ever met the Duggars?
They pretty much amaze me on all counts. I am in awe of them. :)

What do you think about these weird M&M flavors? 
I really love plain ones the best, but peanut butter and mint surprised me, and I want to try coconut! :)

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