Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a big fat DIY fail: if it weren't so awful it might actually be funny...

Last fall my sweet friends at church used these lovely wood slices as table decor for our women's retreat:
pic from my friend Emily :) I thought they did a great job making our retreat beautiful! :)
And I've seen log slabs like them on Pinterest too- they always look fantastic as centerpiece like this one:
fabulous source: Twin Cities Wedding from the Wedding Chicks
You know how much I love simple, gorgeous decor that's nearly free like that! After seeing those inspiring tables I was on the lookout for my own {free} log slab. About a month ago, I scored one of these from a fallen tree at my mom's place, and brought it home for my very own centerpiece:

I was so proud. :) I stacked a bunch of candles on it and called it a day. {It was free and I didn't even have to chop it down myself, so I figure it really was a good day!} 

Fast forward to a month later, last weekend- when our weekend guests were here {which I plan to tell you about soon, when my computer is working again}. I asked Rob to clear the table for the food to go on...

And.this.was under the log: 

My farmhouse table is now growing a centerpiece of its very own.

I'm calling that one a DIY fail.

Just a little. ;)

{I talked to my decor-savvy log-centerpiece making friends and apparently you're supposed to polyurethane them before you use them. I guess you can't just go get any old tree and put a chunk of it on the table. Ahem.}

Have you ever had a massive DIY/Pinterest fail? Please make me feel better, LOL!

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