Thursday, April 24, 2014

thursday things: room redo's underway, delicious soup, and my coffee/reading motivation

We are having house guests this weekend, and we are in excited-scramble mode to get ready for them. We didn't end up having our planned garage sale due to a miscommunication on work days ;), so we ended up donating much of our pile instead of selling it. I'm kind of relieved that it didn't work out, as well as glad that a local ministry gets to benefit from our stuff. It was hard, but it was time to let go. :) 

Rob's free time this week has been working on getting the boys' room ready for our friends. We had two gallons of Urban Sunrise {Valspar} that didn't work out downstairs, but thankfully did work out in their attic room:

The boys emptied out their room into the girls' room and the upstairs living area, so I have my work cut out for me before Saturday. :) I think we could probably have another garage sale just from cleaning the upstairs out again!

The paint is all dry up there, so it's time for me to get moving. Honestly, I'd really like to stay downstairs and eat this inhale this lovely smell all day instead:

{Last night after grocery shopping I went ahead and made a pot of Edie's creamy chicken tortilla soup (with a few modifications- I didn't have onions/garlic so I used dried), and it is delicious. You have to try it!}

Or even better, I'd really love to sit on the couch and read lots of new ebooks from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle with a cup of coffee in hand, but I know that those two will feel better when I'm done with all the upstairs work anyway. Maybe it's Type A, but I don't enjoy leisurely things with work hanging over my head very well. :) I have to use them as motivation to keep moving! :D


Okay, I'm going now while they baby is still sleeping.  Pray for me. :P 

What's on your plate right now? {hehehe}

Does having visitors inspire you to tackle big projects or is that just for crazy people like me? :P

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