Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 free family schedule printables for summer

We're only a few days away from summer, and you know I'm excited for the change of pace. :) I made a new printable summer schedule for the older kids, and I thought I would share it with you too! I intend to either frame it or put it on the fridge this weekend! {Yay!!!} :D

Or if you need to change it up for your family, here's the blank copy too. :D 

Oh, and here is our summer schedule from last year- it has a few differences since we had younger kiddos, but you're welcome to download it too! :)

Do you keep a routine in the summer? 
The kids love it when we do, especially now that they can read and I don't have to tell them.

What is one thing you really want your family to remember about this summer? :)
I want them to remember how their mama played with them and wasn't too busy to sit outside and watch them. :)

What's your favorite summer memory?
I remember reading on our porch swing for hours when I was a girl. :) My dad saved the old porch swing and I hope to use the very same swing this summer too. :D

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