Monday, May 5, 2014

sweet moments, my kryptonite + on the menu this week

It's MAY!! :D

I don't know about you, but April felt about three months long. I'm happy May is here! :)

We kicked off this gorgeous new month with a little date and birthday shopping:

As you can see, Zane was equally thrilled that May finally arrived. :) We had such a good start already with friends over for dinner, church, and a big birthday yesterday!

My one and only spring baby came into this world nine years ago. Noah was born sunny side up, and this boy has brightened up our world ever since:

He brings us so much joy. :) I still can't believe my second child is 9. Halfway done growing up. How can this be?!?

He's loving, artistic and very expressive. :) And obviously a hand talker:

He loves making jokes and doing tricks, so we love to do silly things to make him laugh. :) We had fun wrapping his presents in diapers:

He got quite a kick out it. ;) 

While they haven't always gotten along so well, these days he and Isabella {6} are good friends. She made and wrapped him a present without any help or prompting from us. :) Inside this card said, "I love you Noah, and God loves you too. I love you so much."

Oh, be still my mama heart. :) This life with lots of little kids is not always easy, but it's in the moments like those that you realize it's so worth it. {A good reminder for me right this very moment in the middle of it!}.

She made him a blanket for his stuffed bear... :)

Noah requested chicken and dumplings and chocolate cake... I think he must have inherited my taste buds. ;) Eating this cake felt a little like my birthday too. :) {this cake recipe was fabulous, topped with a loose rendition of Hershey's recipe for icing, and Heath bar...mmmm!}

It was a full weekend of happy things. After all that good eating, I'm trying to get back in the game this week with healthier dinners. ;)

here are my meal plans for this week:

:: dinners ::
leftover chicken and dumplings
beans and rice
chicken enchiladas {I precooked the chicken filling yesterday} + leftover rice/beans
semi-homemade pizza
weekend dinner out 
loaded chicken tater tot dish {sub. turkey bacon + greek yogurt}

:: lunches ::
tuna + rice
Costco roasted red pepper tomato soup {me- this stuff is soo good!}
salad {me} 

granola cereal + almond milk
frosted mini wheats {I love these plain!}
plain peanut butter sandwiches {for my non-cereal eater}

How was your weekend? Any May birthdays at your house? :)

Is chocolate cake your kryptonite too? Can I mail you the other half of my cake? Help a girl out! ;)

What's on your menu this week?

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