Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the long {almost summer} weekend of firsts

You can tell a new season is close upon us- we had so many firsts of the year over the last week! :D

The very first jump in the pool:

The first calling in of the husband to come and kill the bug... {also the first gigantic millipede I've ever seen in the house- that thing was massive!}:

The first time I've cleaned out this drawer in years:

Oh my, it was so sad- I ended up regretting all that cleaning effort yesterday. ;) I found those old potholders from our wedding shower in the back and put them in the front of the drawer again- I forgot they had thin spots. :( Thin potholders= burned hands= dropped all the tater tots in the oven= lots fell in the holes= I can't cook until we unscrew the oven bottom and clean it= no pre-made food today... :( Sandwiches may be all we get to eat for dinner. :P 

Speaking of food- we also had our first summer batch of veggies yesterday:

For dinner last night, we had turkey burgers and lots of veggies, and a few of those oven-bottom tater tots: ;)

Thankfully, my dad came over too. It's always way more fun to share good food. :)

I must be nursing that man-baby even more because I'm suddenly starving all the time. Give me food. I think I'm still hungry from last night. Is it weird that I really crave bread and butter and avocado right now? And meat. I need lots of meat. :) He weighs around 24 lbs. now, and is still mostly nursing so I guess that may be why I'm ravenous all the time?  

I was so glad for the extra day off yesterday. I got the chance to make a few extra meals last night with my good hand while I cooked the turkey burgers. :)

We've actually enjoyed lots of good food these last few days- these pizzas kicked off the weekend. Cream cheese makes a very good base for garlic veggie pizza {fat...mmmm! hahaha}:

Another first-we hunted down this baby's very first ride-on toy:

{Did you know that Toys R' Us will price match Amazon? I didn't, but I was thankful they did! :)}

If I can remember correctly, I think we also had our very first trail hike with Zaner this weekend:

Once we found the wide path, they were off to see the wizard. ;)

I sure do love these munchkins.

Today we're back to school and fitness classes and life as usual. :) Only a few more days, right? That long weekend was a bit of a tease. ;)

We can do this, can't we? Yes or yes?

Just a handful of days to go. I'm ready.

But first I'm going to go find something to eat. ;)

How many more days until summer starts for you?
One more week for us. I'm excited. :)

Have you been swimming yet? How do you decide when to go?
I sure didn't, but the children have twice now already! :P I like to feel like I'm burning before I get in the water. Anything less is freezing.  :)

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