Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 yummy new foods we're trying this month

We made another trip to our new home-away-from-home Costco last weekend. :) We came home much poorer thanks to their brilliant ploy of offering delicious, interesting healthy food in bulk. Oh Costco, why do you do this to me? My children may not get braces, but they will know what good food tastes like. ;)

Here's what we found:

1. Steakhouse fingerling potatoes. I have no idea what on earth got into me, but these purple potatoes called my name after finding a recipe for purple mashed potatoes in my new Forest Feast cookbook! {I haven't tried them yet! so I'm excited.}

2. Bark thins: pure EVIL in snack form. Why, oh why did I buy these? Did I not realize they would taste magical? They must be spraying some kind of happy gas at you as you enter the Costco door. If you ever want to sabotage your diet plan, these will more than do the trick. ;)

3. Dried berry/cherry fruit. Now I can't claim full responsibility for this purchase. While I did buy three bags of a few figs to stock up, Rob spotted these next to them and said "get those!" 

4. Coconut? Dried, candied coconut? I was weak. And hungry. Oh my goodness. And I've haven't had plums in ages. They are so good. And 5. Madras Lentils sound so very interesting. I can't handle legumes very often, but Rob's been eating super well, so I thought these would make a great quick lunch addition for him when we're in a bind. I'll let you know how they taste.

6. Promised land cream.  Again, I took one for the team on this one too. We have always loved Promised Land products, so when I saw the cream... you know what happened. :) 

I've already used it in my coffee and in this creamy mexican soup I made up today:

It was SO good. I am not exaggerating when I say I think it's the best soup I've ever made!! {no recipe, sorry! I'm going to try to make it again for you! coming soon, I hope!} I also have a little Father's Day surprise in mind for the rest of the cream. :)

7-9. Tuscan olive oil, pan patty squash, and fresh garlic paste. I really must be on a try new things kick this week. :) I made veggies last night and Rob said they were the best sautéed vegetables he's ever had! The pan patty squash tasted like regular yellow squash, but it was all so good mixed together with a little salt! :)

I'm quickly becoming a believer in buying better food when you can. I'm sure it goes without saying, but Tuscan olive oil is way better than regular store brand and garlic paste is way better than dried powder. And I've always loved garlic powder, so that's saying a lot. Either I must be really hungry these days, or there really is a difference in taste and quality of certain foods. :P

10. Whataburger condiments. What is this world coming to?? How is this possible? These where supposed to be a Father's Day gift but I couldn't resist giving them early. They came from a local grocery store {as did the garlic paste and fresh veggies.}. If you haven't had Whataburger ketchup, it needs to be on your bucket list. :)

And now you know why we're not going to buy groceries again for the rest of the month. We may have to eat olive oil, garlic paste, ketchup and dried fruit for dinner for the last two weeks of June, but hey- that's okay. :)

What foods have you recently tried for the first time? Any winners? 
I'll write them down for July!

What fun things could I do with those dried berries? Any ideas? 
Do you think they would rehydrate for muffins?

Whataburger: love it or not so much?
I don't even like hamburgers and I love Whataburger. It's totally the Chick-fil-a of hamburgers and fries in Texas.

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