Thursday, June 5, 2014

i can't believe these came from the dollar store

I so love $1 items.
I took the kids to the Dollar Tree the other day on an errand, and I was shocked to find these sunglasses for $1 in the checkout line!

They were definitely a little cheaper in quality than my usual Target ones; they had much lighter plastic and hinges, but the lighter weight didn't bother me once they were on! Plus, I'm terrible at caring for sunglasses so I was thrilled to get them for just $1. {I normally get out of the car and drop them on the ground, or step on them in the floor board... it's a good thing I don't wear real glasses, right? ha!}. 

I usually have to pay $5-$15 per pair every summer so I was super happy to find cute oversized shades that cover my face for way less! They are perfect for the swimming pool. :)

Watch them go and last 10x longer than my expensive pairs, too. Hey, if they last a month I'll be ahead of the game! :P

Are you hard on glasses too? :P Any tips for clumsy people like me to not lose them? :)

What's your favorite dollar store find?

Ray-ban people- are higher quality glasses less prone to scratch? Does better quality make them last longer to you? I break mine at the hinges too, so I'm curious if I'm just throwing away money every summer by buying cheaper ones? I wonder which would win- quality or quantity? {At the dollar store price I guess I could buy 100 pairs for the same as one Ray-ban pair, but the 100 would have no resale value...hmmmmm...}

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