Tuesday, June 17, 2014

our summer so far: food, fun, and uninhibited goodness :D

Our summer has been full and delightful so far. :D I'm really enjoying the freedom of not doing school! :) {Am I even allowed to say that as a homeschooling mom? hahaha! I am so thankful for this break! :P}

We have had lots of unexpected fun, like stumbling on a splash park and going for it, fully dressed... :D

I've gotten to relax with this guy a bit more: 
The kiddos have been tagging along wherever we go, but at home they've been building forts and playing legos for hours. 

We've even enjoyed shopping for groceries {at Costco, anyway!}:

One day we got to see a real fire truck:

And we taught the kids how uncomfortable it is to sit in the back seat of a police car {a very important lesson, no?}:

I subbed two early morning fitness classes, and had the chance to have Starbucks outside before 7 a.m.!! :D 

Happy, happy, happy things. :)

We also spent last week seeing a parade of local homes for fun. One of the houses had this amazing rocking chair that was soo comfy:

Rob and I went on a date on Saturday and watched the sun set over a grape vineyard. Oh, if earth can be this gorgeous, what will heaven be like?

We could have called our date night heavenly all around. :) We ate nearly all of this!

So worth it. :) Our little tag-along even had a late night snack {it was empty ;)}:

On Sunday we had fun spending time with two of my very favorite dads:

And because my husband loves ice cream, that amazing Jersey cream turned into this sugar-free ice cream amazingness:

I used lots of Truvia and real vanilla and it tasted like Haagen Daz. OH my. I'll need a week of working out to counteract those two days of goodness. :) But they were worth it. :)

And just like that, we were back to another fun summer week. :) Hey, even if it flies by, I'll take it.

The other day I started thinking about what we need to order for homeschooling next year and my brain suddenly went on strike and completely refused to entertain any such ideas. It's much too soon. ;)

What was your favorite moment last week?
The vineyard with my man. :)

Have you ever had Jersey cow milk?
It's at least 10x better than regular dairy cow milk.

If you had to choose between fudge brownie, homemade ice cream, cheesecake, or strawberry shortcake, which one would you choose?
Clearly, you know my answer. I chose them all! :P But really, as far as favorites go it might be a close call between the brownie and the shortcake. Cake usually wins over chocolate, but brownies win over whipped cream...? cake is to brownies as ice cream is to cheesecake... :P

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