Thursday, July 24, 2014

the best deal on designer jeans ever {you won't believe the price!}

If you follow me over on Instagram, you might already know I scored big thrifting on Saturday! Plato's Closet was having a huge summer clearance sale, and I felt like nearly stole my 10 items for $10!! :)

I'd never been to their big clearance sale before, so I was floored I got to the store and saw there was a line to get in. 

I waited my turn, and I'm so glad I did. ;)

Here's what I made it out with:

Tops from Gap, Old Navy, and Lux {Urban Outfitters}, and designer jeans: Paige, Citizens of Humanity, Joe's, True Religion, and Cabi by Juicy Couture, along with a pair of Mossimo and American Eagle jeans. All for $1 each. And in perfect condition.

I certainly didn't need 7 more pairs of jeans {though they did all fit! crazy!}, but if I can sell even just one of them on eBay or at a consignment sale, I will pay for all of my clothes plus some!! :D Yay for shopping for profit! :)

Though there was a line around the store to checkout, I couldn't resist asking for a moment to pause and take a picture of this:

I couldn't believe I saved $201.00 off of their used clothing prices!! And I know at least four of those pairs of jeans would be more than $125 each new... I imagine that stack of clothing would have retailed for at least $600- $750 originally. And all of it only cost me $10 plus tax. :D

That's some pretty sweet savings if you ask me!! :D

Do you ever shop at Plato's Closet?
I rarely do but I also love Clothes Mentor, their sister store.

What's the best clothing deal you've found recently? I'd love to hear!

Do you have any luck reselling your clothes? What's your favorite way to recover your investment?
I've never done a consignment sale, but I have taken them to a store, and sold them on Craigslist and Facebook. :)

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