Friday, August 29, 2014

life is flying by and Isabella is growing up

I can't believe this girl turned 7 on Wednesday:

She's funny and sweet, and her little personality is coming out more and more each day. :)

Our birthday tradition is to pick whatever you want to eat on your birthday, and she chose beans and rice for lunch and salad for dinner:

And I made her a tasty cake wreck... {p.s. this is why you don't ice the cake while it's still warm.}

"It's okay, mama, it doesn't have to be pretty." Good thing, right?! Sweet girl! :D The boys just laughed at it. ;)

It seems like yesterday she had only one candle on her cake. Wasn't she just born anyway? My blog is older than she is!

I guess it has been a few years after all. :)

Oh, it's so much fun having this little girl in the house. She loves her mama and daddy, and brothers and sister so much. God gave her a kind and loving servant's heart.

She's a keeper, I'd say. :)

Happy birthday Isabella Rose! :)

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