Thursday, September 11, 2014

family, food, and one negative side effect

Back on Labor Day weekend {forever ago now?}, my brother Josh and sister-in-law Cayse came down from Arkansas to stay for a few days. They're extremely awesome people and we miss them like crazy, so we soaked up every moment we had together after not seeing them for 9 months. In fact, we enjoyed seeing them so much, I totally forgot to take any pictures with them. :( But I did get one shot I was very happy about...

We played washers one afternoon, and Noah needed to get one washer in the center pipe of the box- a major long shot. It was never going to happen, and then... he got it in the center!!!

It was so cool. :) I can't remember if it won the game, but it was crazy fun. :) I can't even believe I got that shot of him getting that shot. :D

Zaner's getting around these days. He's standing on his own, but mostly resorts to this frog position to get from place to place: 

After the family left, we went back to school as usual. The boys made their first loaves of bread for science:

And here were the results of their experiment:

I love homeschooling. :) I love experiments that involve my belly. :)

Although there's one potential side effect of being a homeschool mom I'm not so sure about: 

Accidentally carrying your toothpaste to the car for no good reason. :)

Or, I guess that might be a side effect of being a mom

It was a good trade though. Those brain cells were going to die someday anyway. ;)

When was the last time you accidentally carried something you didn't need with you? Or washed a hammer in the laundry? hahah!

Have you ever played washers? Is it a southern thing? 
Either way it's so much fun!

Have you made bread lately? Any good recipes?
We made this recipe and love it, but I'm always up for new ones! I really want to make some rosemary garlic bread since it's almost fall. :)

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