Tuesday, March 13, 2012

what I wore this week {style traveling edition}

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wohoo! Wednesdays are fun, don’t ya know? {okay, I just love that phrase and I can only write it because I live in Texas and can’t say it correctly. People from Minnesota are awesome!}.

I so love British accents too. The world stops just when I hear them, and I have to stare and hang on every word they speak. And then I secretly imagine what I would sound like if I were British too. I know I’d have to remind myself to say trousers instead of pants. Apparently there’s a big difference in the two over there! ;)

I guess I was feeling a little split-personality this week- I mixed up my styles quite a bit {to go with my range of internal accents of course!}. Straight hair, bun, boots, and scarf was for our one cold day this spring:

jacket- gap $12 on ebay, shirt- $2 Goodwill, Scarf-$4 Wet Seal, jeans, last year AE, boots- Lucky Brand      

{Ok, so if the girl in this picture had an accent, what do you think it would it be? I’m thinking maybe north-easternish? Or north-western? Any one?}


This girl is more southwestern maybe? Maybe I’m only slightly schizophrenic {no I’m not}...

green velvet coat: Target last year, $35, shirt- AE $10, ebay finds: jeans- Hudson $27, shoes- Gianni Bini, $8

And the typical southern uniform...romantic ruffles:

jeans- AE, same, top- F21, $12, shoes- same as above, $8, purse- $20 new at Goodwill


And this one hmnmmmmm.... I’m at a loss. Swedish??? European? :D

{thanks to Abbie for snapping a pic out in her yard!}

miss me trousers- $27 ebay, jessica simpson gray wedges, $20, shirt- vintage, $3

Oh and by the way... I’ve discovered the best stain remover you’ll ever seen....

see that spot on my pants? I didn’t even notice it until I saw the pic, but I got rid of it in two seconds flat.

My secret weapon?


iphoto’s blemish remover- works instantly and lasts forever! :D 

I just had to share my amazing time saving trick with you...It’s the little things... heehee.

Have a lovely Wednesday! :D

tomorrow: thrifty thursday

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