Monday, April 2, 2012

the original food diet day 1 :: recap

We started our whole foods diet yesterday! Wohoo! One day down, 39 to go! :)

It was interesting! It was hard because I didn't eat any granola bars or bites of bread when I was making the food, but I wasn't hungry because I added more grains and nuts to my diet than I usually eat. :)

Here's how the menu went yesterday:

breakfast: a handful of pumpkin seeds

lunch: small spinach salad w/ veggies, nutritional yeast and strawberry cilantro vinaigrette, 1/2 cup of quinoa, zucchini

snack: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, apple, soy nuts

dinner: 1 cup beans and rice, cabbage salad with asian sesame dressing, sweet potato slice, apple

We went grocery shopping on Saturday and picked up lots of new grains we'd never eaten before.

And I felt like I spent most of Sunday preparing food. Here's a glimpse of what my kitchen looked like:

I just wanted to give a little disclaimer to this project: I'm completely new to this, and it's a big change of diet for us! I'm doing the best I can to eat natural food in that is unprocessed as much as possible.

So far, this project has been a huge wakeup call as to what I'm eating. I've started reading labels and it's crazy!  I've learned in just a few days that you have to decide sometimes certain things are necessary to bring about change. :)

I've decided to give myself a little grace to be less than perfect in this project so that I can make it through 40 days. We all have to set our own limits, if that makes sense?

For example, coffee is apparently a not a natural drink to some, but I've just given up canned cokes, all artificial sweeteners, and dairy in less than a week.

So coffee is a very good thing for me right now. Even if it has soymilk and stevia {which are apparently questionably natural as well. I had no idea! :)}

Even though those are debatable, they are a better choice for me right now. I'm improving for sure! :D Lauren P. wrote me with a way to make a brown rice creamer homemade that I'm going to try soon! I'm excited to keep improving!

So you just have to decide what you need to keep and cut out- what works for you right now? It's all a step in the right direction, yes? :D There are no prizes to be won at the end of 40 days, except for your health, and making the switch to all natural foods is big either way! :)

For those of you who are doing it with me- how was your first day? :D I'd love to hear!

don’t forget to enter the spring cleaning challenge! Only 3 more days!

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